Wednesday, August 9, 2017

"The One Where Eddie Won't Go..."

Anyone else here a HUGE fan of the TV show Friends?
If you’re not then we probably can’t be friends. (See what I did there?)

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It started airing when I was 4 so I didn’t really start watching it until middle school but I have watched all the seasons multiple times at this point in my life. When I was younger I didn’t understand all the jokes or the situations but now that I’m a “grown up,” and I use that term loosely, a lot of the episodes really make me think!

The most recent episode that really hit home with me was the episode, “The One Where Eddie Won’t Go.” Joey had moved out of the apartment that he lived in with Chandler and spent gobs of money decorating it in a way that the other friends thought was tacky (PS I am a huge fan of 90% of Joey’s décor, it was definitely my style). After he was fired from his acting job as Dr. Drake Ramoray on “Days of Our Lives,” Joey came to the realization that he was going to have a hard time paying for everything in his apartment which of course he bought on a credit card. He receives a Visa bill that is so big it has to come in two envelopes! In the end he has some guys come to his apartment to pick up all of his animal statues and other furnishings to take them back to the store, I’m assuming for full credit back to his Visa.

Now as I was watching this episode it was probably around 10 pm one night, and because I live the life of an old lady, I was in bed. And during the whole thing I just couldn’t help but think “I wish I could return everything I bought on credit…” Which lead me to think “WHAT IN THE HELL DID I BUY?? WHERE IS IT ALL??” Looking around my house, I do have a lot of stuff but for as much credit card debt as I have you would think that I would have the nicest stuff that money could buy! There were times that I would put my groceries on my card, or gas or things like that which were necessary purchases but most of the time I would spend money on nights out with my friends (who were also living beyond their means) or on clothes that don’t even fit me anymore. I wish I could go back in time and tell myself to watch that particular scene in that episode of Friends and tell my old self that one day I would be in a similar position to Joey (although I’ve never had a credit card bill that was delivered as ‘envelope 1 of 2’) having credit card debt that I couldn’t really afford.

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The worst feeling, in my opinion, is knowing that you have all this credit card debt and it seems like nothing to show for it. I used to say that I didn't regret any of the choices I've made in the past because they got me to where I am today but my credit card is definitely a regret. But I'm working on it now and I'm dedicated to paying it off. 

Although, I wish this was TV and I could return all my purchases like Joey did because I would do it in a heart beat.

Disease Called Debt


  1. The fact that you were 4 when Friends started makes me feel OLD.

    Hmm, as a former retail person who got paid on commission, I hate returns for buyers remorse. Those folks probably spent a ton of time with Joey waiting on him while he bought all that crap.

    As someone who spent 4 years paying off credit card and ruining their credit, I totally sympathize. I really wish I could get back some of the money from those overpriced nights out and my unused gym subscription in particular (but those are a little harder to get refunded.)

    1. If I could get my nights out refunded then I would be happy. I used to go out and say "Okay y'all, my budget for the night is $60," and that $60 would go on my Discover.

      I do see where you're coming from on the former retail employee side too. I worked at Zales for a few months and returns always bummed me out.


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