Sunday, August 6, 2017

August Tracking Adventure Week 1

Alright everyone! The results are in for my August Tracking Adventure, Week 1.

Let's take a look at my spending:

August Tracking Adventure:
8/1/2017Circle K15.16Gas
8/1/2017Circle K4.84Food
8/5/2017Walgreens16.25Make up
8/5/2017Chiltepe's/Pie Junkie24.32Food
8/6/2017Petsmart45.51Dog food (joint account)

Groceries $50.42- Normally Sunday is our shopping day, I had totally planned on not going to the store this week but that didn't happen. When I went to Eley's on Thursday I bought some frozen berries and some ketchup and when I got home I didn't put the berries in the freezer and when I remembered and went to do it the bag had somehow come open and let's just say my kitchen floor enjoyed the berries. I bought stuff for sandwiches so I'm hoping to not spend money on junk food at the gas station this week.

Dog food $45.51- My dog is huge, therefore she eats a lot. We buy 38 pounds (what a weird amount) of dog food about once a month. This is one category that I will never skimp on. My dad is a vet so any vet care we need is seriously discounted, I also take my dad's advice to buy good dog food. We try to get Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Skin and Stomach but this time we got Purina Pro Plan Chicken and Rice. Also, this is something that comes out of our joint account (duh) and I'll go into more details in another post about our joint account and what comes out of it. 

Food $45.21- This is not a shock to me. Last week I worked 52 hours and brought my lunch most days... but on the days I worked 12 hour shifts I would take a lunch break and go to the gas station and get snacks. I need to stop doing this for budget and health reasons. On Saturday, I went out with a girlfriend of mine for girl's night out while the boyfriend was at a bachelor party. We went to a Chiltepe's, a Mexican restaurant in a popular area of town and then we went to Pie Junkie for some pie (obviously). 

Make up $16.25- During our move from apartment to house I lost my mascara and my eyeliner. I'm sure that some people would be like, "Joley, do you really need those?" The answer is yes, I'm a ginger and I have blonde eye lashes so when I wear my contacts I have to have eyeliner and mascara or I look dead. 

Gas $15.16- I need gas to get to work. This wasn't a full tank, it normally takes $19-$20 to fill up. I will have to fill up tomorrow before work. 

Grand Total For Week 1= $172.55

I can't say that I'm surprised by my spending for the first week, but I can tell you that I am going to do better next week. I bought deli meat and some veggies for sandwich and right after I post this I am going to make a raspberry lemon oatmeal bake from Budget Bytes.

Wish me luck for Week 2!

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