Monday, July 31, 2017

Pleased to meet you...

Hi, I’m Joley, and I have credit card debt (Hi, Joley!). 
[Let me go ahead and preface this post by saying, I am not the best writer… There will be grammatical errors in my posts 😊]
I am a 27 year old, living in the Oklahoma City area with my boyfriend and our precious fur baby. We just spent a week (in the miserable Oklahoma heat) moving into a house that has much more room than our tiny apartment had. On top of the more room there is also a nice size backyard where our dog can run around and wear herself out.
I work at a local bank as a teller supervisor, and I can honestly say that for the first time in a long time, I love my job. I have been in banking for 6 years and I wouldn’t want to work in any other field, partially out of comfort (after 6 years, this is all I know!) and partially because I love what I do. 
Why am I writing this blog? Because I’m in debt. 
When I was about 21, I opened my first credit card… It was all downhill from there. Fast forward to today and I am in some serious debt. I say its serious debt but to some people it might not be quite as serious, but for me when I think about it, I want to puke. Luckily I have a super supportive family and group of friends to give me a barf bag or an emotional boost when I’m feeling really bad about it all. 
This is actually my second attempt at blogging my way thru my debt (points if you can figure out what my last blog was called) but this time I’m hoping to be more successful in both paying off the debt, and continuing to blog.  
*All opinions are my own and are in no way the opinions of my employer… (I have to say that.)


  1. Joley great to see you blogging, and I'm a terrible writer so any mistakes you make are fine. I hope to see you accomplish great things keep up the hard work.

    1. Thanks Tyler! I spent some time this afternoon reading your old blog posts! I'm glad I found your blog!


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